What is Tiny House?

Tiny House is a type of housing designed with a small size and minimalism philosophy. Tiny Houses, which usually have an area of 37 square meters or less, aim to offer a comfortable life by using their living spaces in the most efficient way possible. These residences can be portable or built-in and offer advantages in such issues as sustainability, environmentalism and financial freedom. The Tiny House movement has gained popularity in recent years and has become an attractive lifestyle alternative for many people.

Why Should Tiny House Be Preferred?


--we have 4 types of tiny house models in total; residential type, office type, cafe type and accommodation type.

Thanks to the insulation systems made in accordance with different climatic conditions and temperature changes, it can easily be used for 4 seasons.

The chassis has an O2 certificate, which is a traffic exit certificate.
also in the highways regulation (3. article and 128. the item) provides the lengths and weights included.
The purchase and sale transactions of the tiny house produced according to these conditions are carried out as you do the transfer of the vehicle from the notary. after the tiny house is ready for delivery, it will be shipped to wherever you want. after the shipment, the installation of the tiny house and the connections of electricity, water, sewerage, etc. are made, checked and delivery is carried out.

Our chassis products have license plate and license records. therefore, it does not fall within the scope of the zoning law. it can be used on the desired terrain
since the tiny house does not have an engine, it is not covered by the motor vehicle tax (mtv). it is enough just to have its examination.
it is guaranteed for 2 years if you use it without exceeding the weight capacity.

you can easily supply them by connecting to the electricity and water networks near the location where you will place the tiny house

the weight of the tiny house is maximum 3.5 tons.

we act with the understanding of customer experience design while designing our products. therefore, you can design the tiny house design according to your taste and budget as you wish

heating and cooling of tiny house is provided by air conditioning.

it is possible to install suitable solar panels by calculating the amount of energy you will use.

the installation is made by taking the 4 legs of the chassis to the scale and fixing them. there is no need for an extra equipment.

it is solved by opening a septic tank pit at a point close to the tiny house.

you can meet your energy needs by putting solar panels. you can also meet your water needs with a tank which will be placed under the tiny house.

it will be delivered in 45 working days

we can ship to all parts of the world, by road if it is in homeland, and by sea if it is abroad.