Brand Story

The pandemic period was a period when we all questioned the life we were living. Most of all, we questioned why we were living in an apartment. Why didn't we have a plan B? And why were we feeling stuck? The reasons went on and on. Because we never really wanted to leave the city life either.
This is where the Tiny House idea came out. without having to make a single choice, in the city as much as you want , and away from the noise of the city when you get bored, either by the sea or in the forest, Accommodation unit 21, where you can reach the land you bought to relax without spending a lot of money.
Here is our story ... The journey has come to today by maturing with different ideas. When designing the places we want to make you live, the most important point we paid attention to was to give enjoyment. We are looking forward to meeting you in this project, where we are working hard for the correct building of both aesthetic concerns and technical solutions together…